---------Jerry's Mountain Furniture- Blue Ridge, GA  --Phone: 706-632-6464    /  Mountain House - Blairsville  GA -Phone: 706-745-6006--------

  • Tall Table
  • Jerry's Bed and Dresser
    Jerry's Bed and Dresser
  • Living Room with Fireplace
  • TV Hutch

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The Aspen, Colorado look can now be found at North Georgia Mountains' most unusual store--featuring on-site, hand-crafted furniture.

Furnish your entire home or purchase a one-of-a-kind conversation piece. We have it all for your mountain home!

Antler Lighting - Antler Tables - Hickory Furniture - Amish - Custom Upholstered Furniture -Custom Half-Log Mantels -Custom Mountain Cabinets - Islands and Bars -

All Types of Outdoor Furniture - Large Selection of Lamps and Accessories!!!

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