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  • Tall Table
  • Jerry's Bed and Dresser
    Jerry's Bed and Dresser
  • Living Room with Fireplace
  • TV Hutch

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The Aspen, Colorado look can now be found at North Georgia Mountains' most unusual store--featuring on-site, hand-crafted furniture.

Furnish your entire home or purchase a one-of-a-kind conversation piece. We have it all for your mountain home!

Antler Lighting - Antler Tables - Hickory Furniture - Amish - Custom Upholstered Furniture -Custom Half-Log Mantels -Custom Mountain Cabinets - Islands and Bars -

All Types of Outdoor Furniture - Large Selection of Lamps and Accessories!!!

Living Area

The living room is called "living" for a reason This is where the family goes to live. Couches, chairs, recliner, coffee table, and end tables help bring it all together.

Both stores offer great living room furniture by Old Hickory, King Hickory, Marshfield and Barcalounger with accent pieces made by Jerry.

As certified dealers of all of these famous rustic home dealers, we are able to coordinate and create the look you're dreaming of.

Sofa and Table--Sofa



Sofa and Chair

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